Productivity within your Entity

It is estimated that 82% of any criminal activity within a corporate entity involves a staff member.

Employing the wrong person could cause:

  • Internal theft – fraud, assets, POPI information, Company trade secrets and client databases
  • Internal politics which causes the work environment for other employees to become stressful
  • Internal trust issues due to low performance
  • Disciplinary actions causing loss of productivity, down time and legal expenses
  • Unreliable, dishonest and untrustworthy

Total Population 55 000 000 (please note these are estimates)
Total unemployed who did not look for work 36.6% 20 496 000
Youth unemployed 15 – 34 years of age: 38.6%
10.3 million youth from 15 – 24 years of age: 30% not employed
Education levels less than a matric contribute 57.4% of unemployed

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