PSCAB- Stand-alone System

The Stand-alone System is designed for your Company to have its own profile with access to our verification portial. A dedicated staff member will be allocated by your entity to conduct bio-metric fingerprint scanning on any individual you require within your entity. This includes future prospect staff members as a pre-employment screening test.

The software will be downloaded onto your dedicated computer where your authorised staff member will be able to conduct independent verifications, or all verifications:

  • Finger-print scanning via the MSO bio-metric scanner.
  • Automated Bank verification
  • Automated Identity verification
  • Automated Credit Score

The system does not provide the HR portion of the PSCAB System or access to our registered, verified and star rated unemployed members.


What will you Need

  • You would need to purchase a Bio-metric Fingerprint scanner called an MSO. This MSO is linked to your unique user identity and to our verification API’s.
  • A laptop or stand-alone computer with certain technical requirements
  • A good wifi connection
  • Training for the dedicated staff member responsible for the unique user identity to the system


This is a full HR system which gives you a powerful tool to fall into the paperless environment. All employee are verified and their files are online 24/7 for full access and control.

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