If you are an employer, looking for quality, accredited staff…

When you are busy in your business, typically you would like to know you have endeavoured by all means to select credible staff who could contribute to the optimal level of productivity, could be honest about what happens in the workplace and that you are confident that you have endeavoured to know exactly who is working for you now and in the future. We offer 2 separate systems to accommodated the various needs.



This is a full HR system which gives you a powerful tool to fall into the paperless environment. All employee are verified and their files are online 24/7 for full access and control.



You verify your staff yourself via our Portal. There is no HR system however this provides you with the facility to conduct various automated verifications on current and new staff.


If you are unemployed and would like to take action to change that…

We will make you a highly employable person that any employer would be lucky to choose.

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